Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We are joining a Commune!

A story of a Commune

Yep, you read that right. We are joining a commune in London!
I will move in next month and Che will join me the following month. We are really excited about it. We initially have a place for only 2 months but who knows where that will lead. A more permanent place may open up in the home or we may meet people in a similar situation through our home. We may even use the model of this home to found another. The possibilities are endless. Of course there is also the risk that we may not enjoy living with so many people and choose to go back to a "regular" home but we'll see. I'm feeling Gung Ho and happy about waiting and seeing.

The commune (there may be another name for it, we'll find out when we get there) is in a great location in central London. It's a converted warehouse, 5500ft sq and houses 10 people (11 when we are there). The people who live in it have leased it on a 5 year rolling contract and spent the first 4 months of that rent free, converting it into a home. There are meeting spaces where group discussions and reading groups take place. There's a big kitchen and there are communal meals. Last weekend they hosted an art exhibition and a philosophy meeting and it sounds like that's pretty average. The main room is huge and "can be used for  big art projects/trapezing/dancing/yoga/anything else you might want to use it for".
There's a trapeze for crying out loud!! We skyped last night with the guy whose room we are taking over. It was so funny. While we were waiting for the call to come through we were listing our "Bohemian credentials" to each other. Che has the mixed race and artist card, I have the foreign person and exotic traveller card. I worried being married would count against us as they might think we are too old and settled to integrate fully - so I didn't mention it at first!

We had a full tour of the warehouse. The place looks really exciting. There are rotas for cleaning and the other roommates are described as quiet and respectful which is nice. We are very drawn to the idea of living communally. While we can both be introverted at times, we enjoy company and stimulation and believe strongly in community and the old "it takes a village" adage. This is especially true in an urban environment where people tend to gather independently of family networks. It's important to be proactive and put out roots. Feel out like-minded folk to make a village with.

It feels really good to not be stuck and to be on the brink of change. I've no doubt we will stretch ourselves in new ways and I hope we grow through it. I'm grateful that we can do this. 

So this is our next stage - commune living in London! Things are about to get very interesting around these parts...


  1. This is so cool! I know nothing about communal living so I'm excited to read about your adventures :)

  2. Ha ha - I know! You and me both. I've done plenty of houseshares and I seem to recall my mother saying she lived in one for a while. I've also read Dropcity and that's where my knowledge ends. It's gonna be a great summer!

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